The Hiniduma Biolink
  • The HinidumaBiolink Project in Sri Lanka offers value-added carbon credits for socially and environmentally conscious organisations and individuals. It is a reforesting project that will establish a biodiversity corridor in between the two large remnant rainforest patches - Singharaja and Kanneliya. CCC will use the Analogue Forestry concept to conserve approximately 200ha of buffer zones around the forest edges.
  • The uniqueness of this project is that it addresses the three pillars of sustainability - people, planet & profit, as local smallholder farmer’s benefit financially and therefore have a financial incentive to protect the surrounding forests. The CO2 sequestered through this project (the newly planted trees) will generate carbon credits that can be sold as Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS) credits in the local and international carbon markets. As such, this project will be financed through the money generated from the sale of these carbon credits. The project follows the Plan Vivo Standard, a globally accepted standard chosen because of its emphasis on community development. A third-party forestry expert from the UK did the field level verification. The carbon credits are presently registered on the Markit Registry.(